Affiliate Program

If you want to spread the word and share the love, you can apply to join our Affiliate Program here.

Perks of joining our Affiliate Program:

  • Represent our brand
  • Offer unique discounts to your friends and followers
  • Earn commission on every sale made with your discount code!

How can you share your affiliate discount and link?

  • You can share your discount code and link with your friends, family and social following via social media/blogs.

How is it not allowed to use your affiliate discount and link?

  • We will not accept affiliate links or coupons being used on discount/coupon -specific websites and extensions/tools such as Groupon, Rakuten, etc.

Affiliate Program Policy:

  • Commission may differ between affiliates, and is subject to change without notice.
  • Any sign of abuse or fraudulent behavior with our Affiliate Program will be met with an immediate block of your account, and the freezing of any commission.