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Bub's Ergonomic Baby Pillow

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Open the world of comfortable diaper changing and enjoyable rest!

This pillow is designed to prevent Flat Head Syndrome and correct your baby’s head from being misshapen by relieving the pressure put on the back of the skull when the baby lays on his back. It is incredibly soft and offers additional head protection from a lot of pressure during diaper changing. Plus, it helps your baby have a good rest while keeping him or her in the proper position.

Why do Moms love this?

A simple and easy solution for your baby to lay comfortably. Just place it under your baby’s head and guide his arms for comfort, security, and ease of mind.

Bonus Mommy Powers:

Concave center. Which leads to the best head, neck, and spine support, offering a correct alignment and comfort to your newborn

Portable. Use it anywhere you want, in the crib, swing, stroller, in the car seat, or even while you are nursing

Washable. Keeping your toddler’s pillow clean and fresh

Just a few reminders, Cool Momma…

☀️ Strict supervision is advisable for 0-12 months old babies.

☀️ Before using the Baby Pillow, we recommend washing it first (hand wash only in water with a temperature not exceeding 30°C).

☀️ Do not bleach, iron, dry-clean, or tumble dry. Natural air-drying only.

Your baby can rest comfortably anywhere! This unique pillow design is to ensure maximum protection and convenience wherever you travel.

Package Includes: 1 Baby Pillow
Material Cover: 100% Cotton
Filling: Polyester
Approximate Size: 10.5 x 6.5 in