Feel Great and Look Stylish During Pregnancy With These Expert Tips

Feel Great and Look Stylish During Pregnancy With These Expert Tips

If you're expecting, you know that your body is undergoing some pretty dramatic changes. And as your baby bump begins to show, you might be wondering how to stay fashionable and feel great. 

With a few expert tips from our fashionable moms, you can dress in style and feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy. We'll show you how to look great and feel confident in your ever-changing body, so buckle up and get ready for some maternity fashion fun! 

Do’s of Pregnancy Fashion

Fashion during pregnancy can be fun and liberating! Here are some of our favorite do's to keep in mind when creating your pregnancy look:

  • Embrace empire waistlines and wrap dresses. These silhouettes offer the most flattering styles for pregnant bellies and for all body types.
  • Pick a neutral color palette for the base of your look and add bold accents like jewelry or a patterned scarf. This way you can easily create multiple outfits within the same color theme.
  • Layer different shapes and textures to create balanced looks that flatter your shape. Think belted cardigans or bomber jackets paired with pleated skirts or wide leg trousers.
  • Learn to love leggings! Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also very versatile. Dress up with a loose printed top or dress down with an oversized knit—the possibilities are endless!
  • Invest in clothing pieces that can be used both pre and post pregnancy such as loose knit sweaters, loose dresses, and denim jeans with elasticated waistbands. 

Don’ts of Pregnancy Fashion

Pregnancy fashion doesn't mean you have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. In fact, it is the perfect opportunity to try out some new looks you may have never considered before. That said, there are a few don'ts of pregnancy fashion that you should keep in mind when picking out clothes for your growing baby bump.

  • Firstly, don't try to hide your baby bump. Opt for dresses and tops with strategic cutouts or fabric draping down the sides for a flattering look. Some expectant mothers choose to continue wearing their pre-pregnancy pencil skirts so that they can flaunt their growing belly in style.
  • Second, stay away from fabrics like polyester and nylon during pregnancy. These materials can be extremely uncomfortable and clingy—the last thing you want when your body is changing and growing! Instead, opt for soft fabrics like organic cotton and linen that will be gentle on your skin.
  • Finally, don’t neglect shoes during pregnancy. Choose ballerina flats, sheepskin boots, and comfortable waterproof clogs like Crocs. If you prefer sneakers, opt for pregnancy sneakers that have excellent arch supports, breathable fabric, and stretchable openings. 

Key Pieces for a Capsule Wardrobe During Pregnancy

Maintaining a stylish wardrobe during pregnancy can feel daunting, but having a collection of key pieces will help you stay looking (and feeling) great.

  • Start by understanding your personal pre-pregnancy style: When are you most comfortable? What kind of clothes make you feel good? Whether it’s boho chic, modern minimalism (or a combination of the two), the secret is to own it!
  • Then, you’ll want to create a foundation of flattering pieces that accommodate your growing belly. A-line or empire waist dresses are great for any occasion, from everyday errands to formal events. 
  • For more casual looks, relaxed fit clothing like skirts and shorts with elastic waists can get you through the summer months. If the weather is cool where you live, stock up on maternity-friendly leggings and tops that have plenty of room for your belly, but also look appropriate for office wear.
  • Finally, find some fashionable accessories to complete your look without compromising comfort. Flats that are comfortable and breathable are essential in hot weather; Scarves also go a long way in covering parts you don’t want too exposed while still keeping outfits interesting!

Expert Tips to Choose the Best Pieces

Struggling to find clothing that fits your baby bump? We hear you. But worry not, because we have some tips here to help you look stylish and fashionable during your pregnancy.

Go for a looser fit

Tight clothing may not be the most comfortable option during pregnancy. To maintain your comfort level, opt for pieces with a looser fit. You want items that move with you and won't restrict your movements.

Invest in basics 

No matter how overflowing and exciting the clothing section looks, stick to the basics. Buy pieces that you can mix and match - such as staple tops and flowing skirts or dresses - to make multiple outfits. Buying well-fitting basics can help you create different looks without having to buy too much new clothing. This also makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. Basics like t-shirts and leggings can be a great starting point for any maternity wardrobe. Make sure that whatever you're buying fits properly. If it's too tight it won't be comfortable, and if it's too loose it won't look flattering. 

Invest in versatile items

It's always a smart idea to invest in stylish staples which will remain timeless over time like button down shirts and cardigans. These wardrobe essentials are versatile enough to style both before, during, and after pregnancy. A lot of women also use denim jeans with elastic waistbands after pregnancy. 

Don't shy away from color and prints

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to go all-black everything to conceal larger breasts or arms. Try adding a colored or printed piece to your outfit, like a scarf or skirt. Not only is this an easy way to dress up an otherwise boring outfit, but they’re perfect for drawing the eyes elsewhere. You could even try experimenting with statement jewelry pieces or loud-print scarves. 

Invest in quality pieces 

When buying maternity clothes, make sure they are good quality pieces that will last through your pregnancy and afterward. Think about investing in items that you can wear after the baby is born, like wraps, maxi dresses, and cardigans. Anything that provides adjustable coverage is a great way to go! 

Choose the right fabrics

Selecting the right fabric is crucial. While shopping for clothes, especially coats and jackets, look for items with a bit more elasticity. You should avoid clothing that is overly tight across the shoulders and arms since your arms will likely grow bigger. If your clothes are too snug in such spots, you may feel constricted. 

Wearing a thin cotton jersey might not be the best idea as well. Although they're great for displaying your growing belly, they'll also stick to whatever other "bumps" you happen to develop as well. Choose a jersey shirt that's made of better quality instead. 

How to Accessorize Your Outfits During Pregnancy

You've got your basics covered, now it's time to accessorize! Accessories will give you extra confidence as you adjust to your changing figure during pregnancy and are an easy way to pull together a look.

To maximize your fashion options, incorporate pieces that keep you feeling both stylish and comfortable. Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Scarves can be used as accessories or to add a bit more warmth if you're in a cooler climate. Lightweight scarves often have fun prints that can add an instant oomph to any outfit.
  2. A statement necklace will draw the eye up, away from your belly and highlight an area of the body that hasn't changed shape much during pregnancy.
  3. Hats are always a fun addition to any look, plus they provide shade when the weather is especially sunny or hot outside!
  4. Invest in good footwear. Look for shoes with good arch support and that don't put pressure on the feet. And who says you can't rock some fun heels? If you need more height or just want to dress up your look, try some low-heeled wedges that are both comfortable and stylish!
  5. To finish off a polished look, make sure to accessorize with bags such as sling bags and crossbody bags, which are lightweight, functional, and chic.


Pregnancy doesn't have to be a fashion bummer, but you should enjoy your look while investing in comfortable and stylish maternity clothes that you can feel great in. With the right approach and mindset, maternity fashion can be a fantastic opportunity to experiment with new looks and embrace your changing curves.

Dressing your bump with confidence can be rewarding and can even provide a boost of self-esteem during pregnancy. So, don't be afraid to try out new looks and invest in pieces that make you feel good both inside and out!

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