Stability and comfort

Bub's Maternity Pillow is designed to provide stability, comfort, and support throughout pregnancy and beyond. Its dual wing design supports both your back and your bump

Supports side-sleeping

Side-sleeping is recommended by doctors for a safer pregnancy. This can help to reduce discomfort in the lower back and pelvis, and can also decrease pressure on blood flow and oxygen supply to the baby.

Super-soft, flexible design

The pillow's super-soft and flexible design promotes deep rest and accommodates your growing bump


Our compact and portable design is perfect for travel and can easily be taken anywhere, making it a great alternative to larger full body pregnancy pillows.

Easy care

Bub's Maternity Pillow is covered with a high quality hypoallergenic cotton blend and filled with a blend of polyester and microfibre balls to ensure that it maintains its shape and does not develop clumps or flat spots. This helps to ensure that it provides the maximum level of comfort and support throughout its use.

Support throughout pregnancy and beyond

In addition to being a great tool for pregnancy, Bub's Maternity Pillow can also be used for breastfeeding and sitting support as your child grows.