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Why are moms-to-be buying up the babybub pregnancy pillow? It’s the best night’s sleep for the next 9 months (and beyond).

Pregnancy is natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable.

That’s the conclusion babybub founders Alvina, Elizabeth and Mel, decided after a collective 7 children and 200+ weeks of bad sleep.

If you’re pregnant or someone with a pregnant partner; your midwife, doula, or doctor may have mentioned pregnancy pillows to help you sleep better. You might also have discussed comfortable sleeping positions in Lamaze classes, birthing classes, or pregnancy yoga.

You can roll up towels, or try to sleep on your side, but you still wake up stiff, sore, and frustrated from a poor night’s sleep.

This is what made Alvina, Elizabeth, and Mel realize they had never been pointed in the direction of a useful product for comfortable pregnancy sleeping.

So, they decided to create one.

That’s how Bub’s Maternity Pillow was born, to the benefit of women all around America, and the world.

See why this pillow is gaining popularity and selling out everywhere

Bub’s Maternity Pillow has been described as “the perfect pregnancy helper” and a “sleep savior”. “You’ll love it,” say some of the reviews, and many attest that so will your partner sleeping next to you.

This body pillow’s popularity, at its core, is because the founders understand the pregnancy journey.

They’ve experienced it, multiple times. Pregnancy is never going to be 100% comfortable, but why should women need to suffer more than necessary to bring life into the world?

Of course, there are some universal painful truths to pregnancy and childbirth:

  • Your body is going to change forever
  • Your back is going to hurt from lugging an extra 25 - 35 pounds around
  • Your ankles are going to turn into water balloons
  • All these bodily changes are going to exhaust you
  • You’ll be too heavy to move to comfortable positions in your sleep in your 3rd trimester
  • You won’t be sleeping well anyway when you get woken up to pee every 2 minutes.
  • You won’t be sleeping at all when your new bundle of joy needs to eat, be changed, or cuddled in the middle of the night.
  • Sleep will be but a distant memory when after these long nights, you need be up and at ‘em for that 8am shift of being a grown-up and mom
  • Unfortunately, panda eyes aren’t a good look on anyone

However, there are also some universal points of common sense to pregnancy and childbirth:

  • You need to rest up as much as you can before you deliver to prepare you for new-mom life
  • You need to sleep well to recover from those last strenuous months of pregnancy, as well as those fragile months after delivery
  • You need to sleep as much as you can, while you can, once the baby arrives. Because you need that energy to get you through the day
  • You must get enough sleep to get your skin elasticity back, keep those under-eye bags at bay, and help your body generate collagen so you bounce back to pre-baby you quickly
  • Basically, sleep is incredibly important for your physical and mental health in this vulnerable time, and you also need it to keep you looking good.
Babybub maternity pillow

As you can see, the big problem here is that you NEED a decent amount of sleep, but you’re not getting enough.

It’s obvious why moms-to-be could benefit from a maternity pillow that works specifically for their sleep habits and their unique sleep circumstances.

The fact is, no one can argue that sleeping better doesn’t result in feeling better, looking prettier, and enjoying calm and improved mental health.

A good maternity pillow is a no-brainer.

Now, let’s go into what actually makes babybub’s flagship product so special.

What is it?

As you know, the Bub’s Maternity Pillow is, well, a maternity pillow.

“But, there are tons of maternity pillows out there,” you might say.

And, “some are even the same shape as Bub’s.”

Or, “why wouldn’t I just use normal pillows and save money?”

These are valid questions.

We’re going to go through them right now

Why use a maternity pillow?

94% of pregnant women experience back pain, with this discomfort carrying on to 75% of women after delivery. A majority find that body pillows can help with back care & alleviate these issues.

Having a specialized pillow like Bub’s for sleeping when pregnant can help target particularly dull, sore, or strained areas, giving you much needed relief.

Secondly, a New Zealand study in 2021 found that sleeping on the back in late pregnancy was associated with a 3.7 higher chance of stillbirth.This same study found that similar statistics were seen in Australia, UK, and USA-based studies. As well, sleeping on your back lessens uterine blood flow which has been found to result in lower birth weights for babies.

For these reasons, doctors tend to recommend side-sleeping on your left during pregnancy. If you have always been a back or front sleeper but need to switch to your side, a pregnancy pillow can make the switch much easier.

What about mental health? We know that lack of sleep can cause depression, anxiety, postpartum depression and also low mood in the non-pregnant parent. Pregnancy also makes you feel vulnerable. Having a smaller pillow that doesn’t take up the whole bed is important for not alienating your partner. This is a time when parents-to-be need to stick together to support their new, blooming life.

To conclude, you really do want both parents to be sleeping soundly whenever possible!

We’d like to take a moment to admit that this section was difficult to write. Pregnancy and motherhood should be a time of excitement and joy to treasure. Yet, there are tragic, but very real risks which can be stressful and extremely scary to think about. It’s no wonder new mothers should, and often do, take every precaution possible to ensure a healthy delivery and baby.

When speaking to Alvina, Elizabeth, and Mel about their “Whys”, we had to respect how babybub takes scientific research seriously. And how all of this has been taken into account when designing their pillow.

Why pregnant mammas prefer babybub

The babybub website says that Bub’s Maternity Pillow is ideal because it is:

  • Cool and breathable
  • Makes it easy for you to switch sides
  • It’s compact and travel friendly

While we report this, we make it a point to do our own research. This is because we have respect for our readers. We know you have Google at your fingertips. And look - we could say whatever we like in this article. The fact is you’d have to try it out yourself to truly understand if Bub’s Maternity Pillow is for you.

BUT, the next best thing to a personal trial, is to see what other customers are saying about Bub’s We’re nothing if not thorough in our reviews. Having trawled babybub’s social media comments on Facebook and Instagram, as well as all their customer reviews; here’s what we found:

Babybub maternity pillow
  • Babybub has a 4.9/5 rating on Google.
  • That means 98% of women report having a truly good night’s sleep with Bub’s Maternity pillow.
  • 91% are now side-sleeping comfortably
  • 89% reported back pain relief
  • 75% mentioned lower back pain relief, specifically
  • 71% said Bub’s Maternity Pillow relieves pressure on their bump
  • 64% said they wished they bought it sooner
  • 55% talk about how their partners love it because it lets them share the bed
  • 38% said Bub’s supported them during breastfeeding because it successfully doubles as a nursing pillow so you get months of use out of it.

On top of all that, babybub offer a guarantee we’ve never seen with any other pregnancy pillow on the internet:

  • 90-night money-back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty
  • Comprehensive after-sales service

In our internet travels, we can say that no other company does this. That’s how confident babybub is, that they are the best choice out there.

And it’s impressive.

You can basically use Bub’s Maternity Pillow risk free for 3 months. And if you’re not totally in love with it - you’ll get your money back.

If you choose to continue using it after your 3 months are up, they’ll be on hand to replace any pillows with factory faults or manufacturing errors for up to 1 year.

And they don’t make the process difficult for you either

Get in touch via email, social media, or their handy website form, and one of the friendly babybub team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Anyone who’s shopped on low-cost international platforms like Aliexpress or Wish can attest that this is not the typical customer experience.

Like we said, it just seems like a no-brainer!

Case Study

We heard from Brittany, who has tried four other pregnancy pillows to date. Brittany found she finally had a great night’s sleep with Bub’s Maternity Pillow.

On top of the usual pressures of pregnancy on the back and joints, Brittany has had more than 20 orthopaedic surgeries on her hips and knees. For this reason she has never been a side sleeper, and found the trimester of pregnancy difficult as side sleeping was essential.

Enter, the babybub. Brittany states it reduced her knee, hip and back pain. Because it is light, compact, and easy to move, it helped all night despite the fact she’s a restless sleeper.

Enter, the babybub. Brittany states it reduced her knee, hip and back pain. Because it is light, compact, and easy to move, it helped all night despite the fact she’s a restless sleeper.

Babybub maternity pillow

You're in good company

Join the thousands of mums-to-be enjoying sound sleep (again!) with Bub's Maternity Pillow™

Babybub maternity pillow

How much does the babybub pregnancy pillow cost?

Bub’s Maternity Pillow costs $75.

There’s also an option to split the payments up into 4 payments - without interest - if you’re on a tight budget.

Babybub is currently having their once-a-year fall sale now for 35% off which means it’s only $49 if you purchase it today.

We surveyed other high quality pregnancy pillows that ship from the USA to see how the Bub stacks up budget-wise.

We found that competitors were selling their pillows for between $84 and $109.

This makes Bub’s Maternity Pillow 42% to 55% lower than other high-end pregnancy support pillows right now.

How can babybub charge so little?

Bub’s Maternity Pillows are direct-to-consumer. That means they cut out the middlemen and guarantee direct communication with their users.

The babybub pillow was designed with value in mind as well as comfort. After having families themselves, Alvina, Elizabeth, and Mel were very aware that babies are expensive! So, they took time to make something long-lasting at the lowest price point possible.

Picking up on the passion and excitement these two ladies exude as they talk, we get the distinct impression that their pregnancy pillow project is a labor of love, while the business happens as a side effect!

As of : Bub’s Maternity Pillow is selling out quickly across the USA right now. This pillow is currently being featured on mommy all the magazines and Alvina, Elizabeth, and Mel are experiencing a surge in demand. For this reason, they have doubled production as they aim to share good nights’ sleep from Hawaii to Florida!

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