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Baby Head Protection Pillow

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These baby head protection pillows were designed to keep your baby's head safe and make your baby feel comfortable.


  • Prevents flat head
  • Great improvement on a flat spot 
  • Super comfortable
  • Use it anywhere your baby lays down

Helps prevent flat head syndrome
Pediatricians recommend Using Baby Head Protection Pillow can encourage natural round growth of your baby’s head and can help prevent flat head syndrome.

Quality 3D Air Mesh
Baby Head Protection Pillow is constructed with series of pillars between the top and bottom layer creating space where air can circulate easily and provide soft cushion at the same time. Also easily recovers to it's original shape and maintain pillow's cushion even after a long period of use.

Comfortable and Gentle for baby
Baby Head Protection Pillow is soft and convenient. It provides a great deal of comfort while still giving the essential support to keep your infant’s head in proper alignment. This pillow gives your baby the gentle and supportive positioning that he or she needs for better quality sleep.