The Surprising Perks of Being Pregnant

The Surprising Perks of Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman. Some have it easy, breezing through their journey without morning sickness or emotional outbursts. Others, who are not as fortunate, experience the worst of it all: heartburn, UTI, gas, bloating, and even acne breakouts. But no matter what your pregnancy experience is, there are still a lot of reasons you’ll love being pregnant! 

Everyone Listens to You 

When you’re pregnant, you’re the center of attention. Everyone will lavish praises on you. “You’re absolutely glowing!” or “Pregnancy looks great on you.” However, it's inevitable that you may also get unwanted attention from strangers. People you don’t know will suddenly touch your belly. No one, no matter how nice they seem to be, should do that without your permission. 

Taste New Food

Most pregnant women experience cravings for food they rarely eat. It’s normal for expecting moms to expand their palate and even try the weirdest food combinations. Eating whatever you want is a perk, and it’s nice not to be judged for that! After all, you’re eating for two! Of course, you also have an excuse to not eat something that was prepared for you without hurting someone’s feelings. “Mom, this dish looks delicious. But unfortunately, the smell is making me sick. I’ll just eat bread instead. Thank you for preparing this though!”

Unlimited Naps 

When you’re pregnant and snoozing at odd times, nobody will think you’re slacking off or being lazy. We all know how exhausting being pregnant is, so if you have the chance to sleep, do it. After all, you are carrying a tiny human, and proper rest is essential in their development. Use a maternity pillow to get the quality rest you deserve.

Skipping the Lines in Public Restrooms

Needing to go to the restroom more often is normal when you’re pregnant. It’s also one of the most common pregnancy symptoms that occurs as early as the first trimester. And sometimes, some pregnant moms experience a lack of control over urination. When you have to go, you absolutely got to, and being pregnant has its perks, such as cutting the line. Just remember not to take too long and thank people for the courtesy.

Take Time Off

Most managers are lenient towards pregnant employees. A lot of moms still have to work in the office and have other children to take care of as well. It can run anyone ragged, and if you have the opportunity to put your feet up and rest at work, you are absolutely allowed to do so. If any co-worker offers to help with a task, accept it. If your partner offers to cook dinner and do the dishes after, say yes!

Period Pause

You have to admit it. Nine months without your menstrual period is a perk you’d welcome anytime. Many women experience PMS, cramps, migraine, spotty skin, and greasy hair when they have their period. Some even have feel dizzy, vomit, and experience constipation. It's also a money saver on feminine hygiene products. 

Having a Human Inside You

This is no doubt the greatest perk of all! You’ll be able to feel your baby growing inside you, from a faint butterfly flutter to full-blown kicks. It is amazing hearing their strong heartbeat and seeing them on the tiny screen when you visit your doctor. And despite the discomforts of being pregnant, taking care of your precious little one inside you, knowing they’re safe and warm, is an experience you won’t ever regret.

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