Total support for the most comfortable sleep

Bub's Maternity Pillow is designed to provide stability, comfort, and support throughout pregnancy and beyond. Its dual wing design supports both your back and your bump

It’s all about left-side sleeping

Your doctor has probably told you to sleep on your left side to keep your baby safe from birth complications.

The wedged design of Bub’s wings means you lay on your side, and you stay on your side – all through the night!

Keep that oxygen-rich blood flowing your baby’s way, and get your doctor’s seal of approval.

Grows with you

The pillow's super-soft and adjustable design promotes deep rest and grows with your bump throughout your journey.


Our compact and portable design is perfect for travel and can easily be taken anywhere, making it a great alternative to larger full body pregnancy pillows.

Safe for you & your bub

Bub's Maternity Pillow is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. This means that it has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless for you & your bub's health.

Durable & long-lasting

Bub's Maternity Pillow is covered with a high quality & antibacterial bamboo & polyester blend, and filled with a polyester blend to ensure that it maintains its shape and does not develop clumps or flat spots. This helps to ensure that it provides the maximum level of comfort and support throughout your pregnancy, and beyond.

Maximum Support, Minimum investment

Value-for-money, anyone? New babies are not cheap! That’s why your Bub’s is specially designed to transition into a breastfeeding pillow after you bring your precious, tiny, new life into the world. When you pay for a Bub’s Maternity Pillow at the recommended 28 weeks of pregnancy, you get to use it until baby is at least 6 months old. That’s an investment of 16.7 cents a day. It doesn’t get much better than that. Which brings us to…

How do I get the most out of my Bub’s Maternity Pillow™?

Your Bub’s pillow will be the most innovative maternity aid you’ll ever own! Separate your wedges to mix and match in any way you please. Use one wedge or two to prop your elbows up when you breastfeed sitting up. Use the extra pillow to keep from rolling onto your back if you’re side-feeding lying down. Stack them up to align baby’s head with their food if you use the underarm position. Is baby growing up quick and starting to sit up? Use your pillow parts to safely prop baby up to keep from falling!