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Our Story, Our Commitment

Only mums know the discomfort of sleeping during pregnancy. Lower back pain, hip discomfort, midnight kicks from your mini-me and the complicated choreography of trying to roll over while accommodating your bump and multiple pillows. Getting comfy in bed can be exhausting!

We know sleepless nights begin long before your bub arrives - mum-worry can start even before conception. That’s why we created the Bub's Maternity Pillow. We make it easier to get to sleep and stay asleep, so you can enjoy your deepest, most blissful rest.

Side-sleeping is best for your bub - and you. Doctors recommend side-sleeping throughout pregnancy, to promote optimal blood and oxygen flow to your baby. Back sleeping can place pressure on blood vessels, and cause discomfort in your pelvis, legs and back. The Bub's Maternity Pillow cradles your belly and supports your back, helping maintain alignment in your hips and lower back to promote your comfiest sleep.

You’re creating life, mama - you deserve a rest!