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Bub's Maternity Leg Pillow

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Providing you with the perfect alignment, and body posture; the Bub's Maternity Knee Pillow reduces pain in your back, hips and legs during and after pregnancy. This premium leg pillow is designed with high-quality charcoal memory foam and cooling gel that cushions your knees and hips, reducing misalignments, aches and sore muscles. Assisting in proper blood flow through your body, the leg pillow helps you sleep better and deeper.

30 Night Trial

We’re so confident you’ll love the Bub's Maternity Pillow, we offer a 30 night risk free trial. If you’re not happy with your pillow, return it within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll refund your purchase price. Simply contact us for further details to arrange a return and refund.

Perfect Spine Alignment & Support

The Bub's Leg Pillow relieves pressure on your hips, cushions the knees and legs, and assists with blood flow for a better night's sleep during & after pregnancy.

The Lumbar Support You Need, When You Need It Most.

Naturally compliments the curvature of the leg allowing your top leg to rest in comfortable alignment with your spine.

Relieves Pressure & Stays Cool

Thanks to its cooling gel, Bub's Maternity Leg Pillow relieves pressure, stays cool and comfortable, and improves blood flow on your lower body.

Perfect For All Sleeping Positions

Our pillow molds to your body and moves with you, no matter your height or weight. For full leg alignment, consider using 2 Leg Pillows

  • Free Shipping

  • Non Allergenic

  • 30 Night Risk Free Trial

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