5 Useful and Meaningful New Mom Gifts

5 Useful and Meaningful New Mom Gifts

When we hear that our friends or family members have a new baby, we immediately go out and buy a diaper bag, cute onesies, baby wipes...basically anything baby we can get our hands on! But we seem to have forgotten about the new mother. After-birth care is equally important, and we want that special new mom to feel extra loved! Instead of flowers, give her these thoughtful gifts that are truly for HER! 

Maternity Pillow

Because, well, why not? It's never too late to give a maternity pillow to a new mother. It's a timeless present that will never go out of style. New mothers require the same amount of quality sleep as they did while pregnant. A maternity pillow can keep a breastfeeding mother's shoulders and neck from straining as well. 

Silk Sleep Mask

The exhausted new mother will need to sleep as much as she can, even if it's in the middle of the day. In addition, some mothers have difficulty sleeping during the day. A tiny light can disrupt napping, which is why a sleep mask is recommended so that new moms can rest, even for brief periods, while their baby sleeps.

Cleaning Service Gift Certificate

Believe us when we say that this gift will be greatly appreciated when they look around their disheveled home in horror. Moms with newborns may not admit it, but caring for a baby 24/7 saps all of your energy, and before you know it, your once-pristine home has devolved into complete disarray. Cleaning your bathroom and kitchen, for example, can take less than an hour, but the energy required is simply too much for a new mom.

A Week’s Supply of Nutritious Frozen Meals

Most new moms we know don't eat much, and it's not because they're trying to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy. Many mothers would rather sleep than eat, so it is not uncommon for them to skip meals. Give the new parents a supply of frozen meals to help alleviate the stress of meal preparation. You could also sign them up for a food delivery subscription, which will deliver freshly cooked healthy meals to their door, and all they have to do is heat them up! 

Lightweight Kindle

Is the new mom an avid reader who is unsure when she will have time to read again? She'll be holding her new baby for hours, breastfeeding or putting the child to sleep. While breastfeeding or putting a baby to sleep, most mothers would spend their time scrolling through social media on their phones. A portable Kindle is the ideal gift for the bookworm who wants to catch up on the new books she has been meaning to read. She can hold this small device in one hand while holding the baby in the other. 

Making the new mom feel special is important! Whether you're looking for new ideas for gifts for new moms or simply want to make her feel special, these thoughtful gifts will definitely brighten her day. Do you have any recommendations for new mom gifts? We'd love to hear what you think!


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