What Makes a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy?

What Makes a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster, starting from the time you learn you're expecting to the moment you hold your newborn in your arms. You go from being the happiest woman alive on certain days to counting the minutes until you can feel normal again on some days.

It's common to feel a spectrum of emotions throughout pregnancy.  Why do some women seem to be able to maintain a more optimistic outlook on their changing physique, and how can you do the same? While pregnancy has its challenges, it need not be an unhappy time for you or your baby. 

Keep in mind that every pregnant woman is unique before you start comparing your experience to others. While pregnant, there is no such thing as a "proper" emotion. Many women enjoy this experience throughout, but others find it difficult to deal with their complex range of feelings. It's very natural to have either one, so don't feel bad if you're not feeling the same thing as your sister-in-law or bestie. 

Take a look at these helpful suggestions if you're still searching for ways to enjoy your pregnancy and feel good about yourself.

Take it easy during nesting

Many pregnant women, especially in their third trimester, feel an overwhelming want to nest. According to studies, nesting is an evolutionary result of our inherent need to care for and shelter a developing baby. Taking charge of your surroundings such as scrubbing the floors to make it super clean, buying clothes, and setting up the nursery to make it a secure, relaxing, and welcome place for baby and motherhood can encompass a wide range of actions and behaviors. Shopping and setting up the nursery are fun to do, but don't let it get to you too much. All newborns really need is a safe place to live, sufficient food, enough nappies, and they will have everything else they need.

Bond with your loved ones 

The transition to motherhood is easier for many women if they have healthy, genuine connections, according to a study. Being among the people you care about can make you feel closer to them. These bonds have the potential to be a life-changing source of inspiration and support for expecting mothers. Time spent with loved ones has been shown to aid with stress, anxiety, and overall well-being. One of the best ways to lift one's spirits is to share some amusing banter with your best friends or your significant other. 

Make new friends

Not every pregnant woman may have friends they can easily run to for advice or support. It’s especially true for those who move around a lot. Supportive relationships are a must in every pregnancy and if you have no one you can talk to, it’s time to make new friends! One of the perks of attending parenting or prenatal classes is making new connections. There’s no better person to relate with than someone who’s also expecting! It would be so easy to bond over nights of little to no sleep, the challenges being a first time parent, and nursing issues. Plus, you can take heart knowing someone actually understands what you’re going through. 

Eat healthy and exercise 

We all know that exercising has been scientifically proven to improve one's disposition. With exercise, anxiety and stress are alleviated. Being active also boosts the body's production of endorphins, which can make you feel happy and lessen your pain perception. And you don’t even need an intense exercise routine. Your doctor is the best person to talk to about the right exercises for you. Additionally, Maintaining a healthy weight and boosting your immune system are just two of the numerous rewards you'll reap from eating right. A healthy diet can increase vitality and lengthen life as well. Making healthy dietary choices that benefit both you and your baby might give you the power you need to feel better every day.

Get enough sleep 

Did you know that not getting enough sleep raises your risk of depression, obesity, inflammation, and a weakened immune system? The capacity to control one's emotions and behave socially can also be negatively impacted by a lack of sleep. 

Pregnancy tiredness is a common problem that can make expectant mothers feel irritable. Getting enough shut-eye could change your disposition. So, it’s important to nap when you can, develop a calming nighttime ritual, and make sleep a daily priority. If you have a hard time sleeping because you’re uncomfortable, consider buying a maternity pillow. Pregnancy pillows are designed to conform to your body's changing contours, relieving pressure on critical pressure points and so alleviating discomfort. 

Involve your partner 

You should make the most of this time when it’s just you and your partner for now. Aside from dinner and lunch dates, try getting away for the weekend. Discuss your expectations for parenthood and the impact the baby will have on your relationship. Don't forget to bring your partner with you to your obstetrician visits and parenting or birthing classes. Allow yourself to be pampered by your partner and express your needs to them, whether it be a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to.

Final Thoughts 

According to research, the way a pregnant woman experiences her pregnancy has been found to be affected by social influences. Whether the pregnancy was intentional or not, financial stability, the father's role in the pregnancy and how he is towards you, age, and any preexisting mental or physical issues are all relevant considerations. 

Pregnant women who are supported by their friends and family, who have genuine relationships with their partners, and who can turn to them in times of crisis have a more positive and enjoyable pregnancy experience. Taking your pregnancy one day at a time is the best course of action.

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